How to Protect Your Investments

Unless you’re living in a dungeon you know what the market it looking like right now. I’m sure that all of you are diversified in your investments. If you’re not diversified then you’re getting smoked in a very bad way right now. Unless of course you own lots of index put options.

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Wholesaling is the Key to Success in Real Estate Investing

I have touched base on wholesales before however I want you to understand how powerful this niche in real estate investing really is. Does the term “fast cash” catch your attention? Wholesaling may be one of the most profitable niches in real estate in terms of hours worked versus the size of your paycheck. The standard wholesale check that I earn ranges from three thousand dollars up to twenty thousand dollars. However, on average they are between five and ten thousand dollars. Here is what makes this business so lucrative. A typical wholesale deal takes less than a full day of work to complete. I take a walk through the house, meet with the homeowner, do some research at the city hall and on the internet, and call people on my buyer’s list to see if they want the house. I can do all this within a few hours. If I earn a wholesale assignment fee in the amount of ten thousand dollars and it took me four hours of actual work to complete the deal, I am being paid quite well. You don’t have to be a math whiz to realize I just got paid twenty five hundred dollars per hour. Now how many of these deals do you need to do each year to be a full time real estate investor?

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Invest – Gold Soars, But What is the Next Commodity?

The economic investment cycle has been often perceived as a myth, however there is something to be said about cyclic investing, so let’s explore this phenomenon a little further to see why this can happen and how. If gold is getting a good run and is about peaking, then what is the next possible boom investment vehicle?

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