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Why Invest in Commercial Property?

Purchasing a property as a rental can prove to be one of the most important assets of an investor’s portfolio, but what kind of property is best for you? Most investors will tell you commercial properties are the best real estate to invest in because of their unique advantages. This is true, but there are some disadvantages as well that might deter some investors from commercial property.

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$100 Dollar Investment Ideas You Can Do Yourself

A segregated seed capital account of just $100 dollars is enough to get started. When you think about it, even a humble $100 dollar bill can turn into over $1.5 million within 14 compounding events at 100% In other words if you can double that $100 dollar bill just 14 times, you would be a millionaire. The cheapest investments are the best. But look, anything can be an investment. At the $100 dollar mark you would have a hard time making a reasonable return in the stock market and as for real estate, you may be really hoping hard to get an entry with just $100 dollars.

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