Invest – Gold Soars, But What is the Next Commodity?

The economic investment cycle has been often perceived as a myth, however there is something to be said about cyclic investing, so let’s explore this phenomenon a little further to see why this can happen and how. If gold is getting a good run and is about peaking, then what is the next possible boom investment vehicle?

Yes gold has soared, in fact it is looking so “toppy” that one would be forgiven for thinking something new will take it’s place. It’s just the way it is and here’s why. Investors, the bulls, run together. The bulls are the market leaders. They are high net worth individuals and fund managers looking for the next safe place to move their capital.

The investment mediums these investors choose changes in a progression and if you learn how to spot the pattern, you can be there in the next vehicle before the buying starts, which of course means, you can clean up. Who knew, a few years ago anything in the resource sector would quadruple and more, but of course, I did. It is a pattern and you only have to look back over history at the last oil crisis in the late 70′s to know an oil crisis always precipitates a resources boom.

Things like copper, tin, in fact all mining company’s. Gold of course is part of the mining sector. An oil crisis comes after a real estate boom and bust. What comes after the resources sector has well and truly topped out? Cash of course. The inflated price of commodities, which go into making everything we don’t eat, create further inflationary trends and these trends cause the federal reserve to pull the lever on price spiking by introducing savage interest rates. This is designed to slow down spending and reverse inflation. The bulls find the safety of a bank deposit while earning high interest rates irresistible. So get cashed up, remember the 80′s? Interest rates got up to 20 percent. What a nice safe income!